Stone’Skin is a lightweight, flexible, colorful and unique 2mm stone with unlimited application possibilities. The introduction of this exciting new material addresses a large need for a flexible, adaptable, durable and weather resistant stone sheet.

Each sheet will be different as every piece consists of a thin layer of real stone and no two stones are exactly the same. Stone’Skin is backed by a polymer composite, which most construction grade adhesives will bond to. Finish on the material will be natural stone on front, back side glass fiber/resin.

Standard Sheet Specifications:

Standard Sheet Sizes:

600mm x 1200mm (All colors)

+/- 1 to 2mm length as well as in width of the sheets

+/- 1 to 2 degrees at right angle to be expected

Thickness – 2 millimeters


Stone’Skin is made from natural stones using all of the unique colors and textures found in every layer of these sedimentary stones. Accordingly, each sheet of Stone’Skin will vary in color, texture, hue and pattern the same way natural slates and micas do. Some sheets are more standard in color but can vary in texture.   These variations are inherent to the nature of the stone and add to the unique beauty of each individual sheet of Stone.


Stone’Skin can be glued to surfaces using most standard laminate adhesives having a thick body or foaming quality. Prior to the application of the glue, clean, brush and de-grease the receiving surface of dust, oils and any other contaminants.

Application of Stone’Skin is simple and can be adhered to concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fiberglass, backer board, tile, dry wall, MDF and Masonite.

Stone’Skin can be used indoors or outdoors for cabinetry, fascia, backsplashes, trim, columns, furniture, display materials, signage, lighting and tile surfaces.

Rich, durable, and strong Stone’Skin will add color and texture to any surface it’s applied to. The very tough fiberglass composite backing of Stone Sheet creates a clad structure much stronger than the original surfaces. When used as a wainscot the decorative effect is unique, bold, and durable.


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